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Talk Now! German


The focus of this course is on having a basic understanding of German and being able to ‘get by’ in conversation. You’ll study in your own time and at your own convenience, and learn to use only those elements of German that you’d conceivably need when on a brief trip there.

Course Description

You might be under the impression that learning a new language could take you anywhere from one to three years, but the Talk Now series is revolutionising this process.

What makes Talk Now so different is the fact that the course simplifies the way you learn a language, by only focusing on mastering the rudimentary aspects of the dialect. If you’ve been meaning to learn German for your next holiday or business trip to the country, then you really don’t need to master the entire language – so why struggle for years in order to use a language you’d only employ for a few weeks out of every year?

Not only will you be impressed with your new skills in basic German, but the locals around you will certainly appreciate your efforts as well. German is also broadly spoken within Europe and is one of the major languages in the world – but if you were to visit Austria, Switzerland or Germany itself, you’d make outstanding use of your newfound prowess.

Course Content

Highlights of Talk Now: German:

  • Simple-to-use learning method
  • Focus on the language you’re actually going to need
  • Enjoyable and entertaining learning experience.
  • Learn to speak and understand enough to “get by”.
  • Easy-to-achieve goals.
  • Interactive language games to boost memory retention.
  • Compare your voice to a native speaker.
  • Study on the move.


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