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The Future of Learning is Here and it’s Served TV-style

The corporate learning marketplace has been under strain for some time now, following the influx of forward-thinking tools and resources such as video-based learning programs, free courses and MOOCs which cause older learning mechanisms to become more and more outdated. Recent findings show that most employees have reached a point of defeat when it comes [...]

19th July 2017|Industry News, Media Center|

Training and Job opportunities on offer

Out of Mzanzi’s 2.9 million people living with disabilities, only a dismal 1% have jobs! The only way to address this shocking situation is for them to learn more skills. Click on the article below to read more. […]

16th July 2017|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

Investing in Disabled South Africans for a Better Tomorrow

It’s a grim reality that disabled individuals around the globe face marginalisation and ableism which prevents them from having equal opportunities to enter the working world. In South Africa, it is no different as only 1% of the 2.9 million disabled individuals in the country are currently employed. In order to rectify this glaring problem, [...]

5th July 2017|Industry News, Media Center|

10 Best Practices for Blended Learning Strategies in 2017

“Blended learning” has become one of the buzz phrases in the realm of learning and development of late. Traditionally, the term refers to adding a digital component to instructor-led training or on-site education. Today technology has so many applications when it comes to digital learning that the blended approach has shifted to include the use [...]

28th June 2017|Industry News, Media Center|

Company to upskill disabled citizens for job market

There are about 2.9 million disabled African, but only 1% of them are employed, leaving millions without jobs. The disabled were often excluded from education and employment or stuck in low paid jobs, triggering poverty. The South African Legal Information Institute said the lack of adequate education or training, preconceived ideas about people with disabilities [...]

22nd June 2017|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

Why Accelerating Workplace Learning is Important for Business

Has learning and development in the workplace been put on the backburner? The latest research from Deloitte indicates that this is often the case. Of the approximate 1,200 global organisations that were surveyed, it emerged that 74% currently focus on traditional learning methods that don’t empower employees to acquire new skills thus falling behind the [...]

14th June 2017|Industry News, Media Center|

MICT SETA approved Blended Learning Learnership now available

  Learning solutions company iLearn has partnered with the Media Information and Communication Technologies, Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA) to offer an IT learnership programme. According to iLearn, the learnership aims to help local students annually to gain an internationally recognised IT certification. MICT SETA has accredited iLearn to deliver this qualification using [...]

14th June 2017|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

Empowering people to empower others through learning

Richard Rayne always dreamed of starting his own business. As a child, he envisioned himself in a suit with briefcase in hand. Being surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs and teachers it was a natural step for him to enter into a career that encompasses both. […]

8th June 2017|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

Grow youth employment through vocational training

With more than 50 percent of the country’s youth unemployed, more focus should be placed on how young people can enter the job market without formal tertiary qualification, to contribute positively to the country’s economy. […]

19th May 2017|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

Making Sense of the New Digital Learning Landscape

Making Sense of the New Digital Learning Landscape With the rapid innovation of digital content and technological tools in the world today, learning and development programs are constantly being reinvented for digital access thereby enabling individuals to learn in revolutionary new ways. We know that modern day platforms – like Google, Youtube, Facebook and Slack [...]

16th May 2017|Industry News, Media Center|