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To position ourselves as a leader in next generation learning for business, leveraging disruptive technologies to provide hyper-personalised and supportive learning experiences that will empower people across the contitent.
To provide transformative learning experiences that enable learners to have a measureable impact on business growth.
Empowering people, to empower others.

Through our work with hundreds of organisations, we have learnt that, while every business is unique with its own culture and strategic objectives, the core of all organisations is the same: their people. Providing a motivating and exciting working environment is paramount in order to attract and retain the best talent.

By partnering with iLearn, you will benefit from 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors within Southern Africa. Our understanding of skills development and the meeting of client expectations, ensures that the learning initiatives you or your employees receive, will make a measurable business impact. Our certified trainers are experienced educators and highly knowledgeable in their fields of expertise.

iLearn offers a wide range of learning solutions in:

  • Learnerships
  • Business Skills
  • IT desktop applications
  • IT technical
  • Custom course development
  • Learner Management Systems

iLearn provides both ONSITE instructor-led (group and one-on-one) and ONLINE training methodologies, as well as blended solutions.

Our intention is to increase staff productivity and therefore profitability, which far exceeds the value of the initial training investment. We are committed to ensuring that each client receives the required superior level of training that is benchmarked to international best practice and standards.

ONSITE | Instructor-led Training

A leading challenge for any organisation is finding a training provider who understands the requirements of the individual or organisation and can deliver a solution within an allocated time frame without compromising on quality. Our training approach is unique. Traditionally, a number of individuals would be sent to an off-site venue for a full day’s training, whereas we prefer to send a trainer to the client’s premises arranged on dates and times that YOU require. Delegates receive training in more manageable sessions arranged over a spread of a few days. This allows for greater absorption of knowledge and an opportunity to practise and verify the new skills after each session prior to commencing the next one.

As candidates range from beginners to advanced, we determine the level of training before training begins and courses are personalised to enable learners to master the skills they need. The outcome is learners’ comfort and confidence in their new skills, and the ability to effectively apply them to the business at hand.

ONLINE | Courses

eLearning courses are a highly effective and convenient way to learn. Complimentary to our ONSITE solutions, ONLINE training provides you with a platform to learn at your own pace, scheduled within your time constraints and is not geographically limited.

Our ONLINE course content is recognised as best of breed and internationally benchmarked.

Blended Learning | ONSITE & ONLINE

A Blended Learning approach is one, which in most cases, will enhance and extend the learning opportunities for our 21st Century learners. Blended Learning combines and aligns learning undertaken in face-to-face sessions with learning opportunities created ONLINE – the best of both worlds!