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Here’s How Learnerships Can Move South Africa Forward

We need to expose the youth to programmes that involve working and learning at the same time. In his maiden state of the nation address (Sona), President Cyril Ramaphosa highlighted youth unemployment as one of South Africa's most grave and pressing challenges; he stressed the importance of drawing the youth into productive economic activity and [...]

2018-03-20T14:15:00+00:00 20th March 2018|iLearn in the News|

Education and employment go hand in hand

Grow employment among SA’s youth through on-the-job training As the class of 2017 prepares to enter the workforce after 12-years of schooling, more emphasis should be placed on on-the-job training as a valuable, alternative post-matric study option. Since South Africa’s unemployment rate is the highest it’s been in 14-years, Richard Rayne, CEO of iLearn – [...]

2018-01-30T10:15:43+00:00 29th January 2018|iLearn in the News|

How to produce more skills

VALUE OF LEARNERSHIPS: WORK KNOW-HOW IS KEY TO DEVELOPMENT,. TRANSFORMATION iLearn provides learning solutions to grow the next business generation. With South Africa's unemployment rate at an all-time high, learnership are necessary to help build a competent workforce as well as being the key to boost B-BBEE levels.   Click on the image to read the full article.

2018-01-15T10:35:01+00:00 30th November 2017|iLearn in the News|

Investing In Learnerships is a no-brainer, really

With South Africa's unemployment rate at a high, learnerships are necessary to help build a competent work force and are key to boosting an organisation's broad-based black economic empowerment levels. The Government has made skills development a priority element of the B-BBEE scorecard and is encouraging companies to put employees through learnerships in a bid [...]

2018-01-15T10:32:19+00:00 26th November 2017|iLearn in the News|

Learning Gets A New Face

Technology has revolutionised the world and hand held devices and laptop computers are must-haves, with digital apps the buzz words. Yet despite the upsurge in digitalisation, companies admit to still not having mastered the technology necessary to make digital learning a reality in the workplace.   Click on the image to read the full article.

2018-01-15T10:27:13+00:00 8th November 2017|iLearn in the News|

iLearn CEO dreamt of entrepreneurship since childhood

iLearn CEO dreamt of entrepreneurship since childhood Cape Town - Richard Rayne, CEO of iLearn, generally cautions entrepreneurs to be very clear on the size of the opportunity they see and what is required to capture it."I highly recommend getting a business mentor, adviser or coach as well as formal training to acquire the fundamental [...]

2017-10-16T16:40:34+00:00 3rd October 2017|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

Learnerships set to aid SA’s disabled workforce

"CAPE TOWN - iLearn , A South African learning solutions company which offers a range of Learnerships, short courses and digital learning solutions has partnered with Altech Netstar, pioneers in the vehicle tracking and recovery industry to create learnership opportunities for the South African disabled community. As the country observes Deaf Awareness Month, Richard Rayne, CEO [...]

2017-10-16T16:40:36+00:00 27th September 2017|iLearn in the News|