Conscious Companies Awards 2018


The quest to find South Africa’s Conscious Company reaches its climax on May 17th when the winners of the Conscious Companies Awards 2018, in partnership with Liberty, are announced.

An august panel of judges had evaluated the nominations down to the top six finalists who can now be revealed. Prof Mervyn King, the Chairman of the Panel of Judges said this morning: “The calibre of entries this year is of a very high quality and the concept of a conscious company is changing the mind-set of how companies operate”

Over the past months, entries had poured in from big and small enterprises, vying for the coveted Conscious Companies South Africa Awards 2018. The leadership of the top finalists nominated for the Awards are a unique breed of men and women who have displayed a strong sense of purpose, values, innovation and an intuitive understanding of people.

Despite the hurdles and challenging business environments, they had maintained their integrity, ethics and value systems as well as being conscientious about their stakeholders.


The finalists are: EDCON, IQ Business, Joe Public United, Hirsch, Unilever Globaltrack, iLearn and Different Life.

Brenda Kali, CEO of Conscious Companies, and the power behind the awards, says: “Amid the complex maze of corporate activity, pressure, speed and the economic necessities of flow charts, bottom line and delivery, it is easy for an organisation to lose sight of aligning people, planet and profit in service of all of its stakeholders. We celebrate the finalists as a statement of resistance towards the need and greed in the business environment. We look forward to showcasing our winners as beacons of consciousness for their social impact and contribution to business in the country.”

In line with the people, planet, profit and conscious ethos of the Award, the CEO of the company will win a unique week long trip to India for a mind, body spirit renewal in an Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in an Ashram and the company is awarded a Conscious Companies sculpture.

Source: Conscious Companies South Africa


Interview with, Richard Rayne – MD at iLearn, Grant Pattison and Pieter Smits ( Clipped from Classic Fm)

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