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Digital Learning
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Learning platforms play a key role in the delivery and management of training experiences, both instrutor-led and online. They enable organisations to monitor, track and analyse training and provide validated insight on the impact thereof. iLearn has sourced and partnered with a number of “best of breed” global platform providers. Each of our learning platforms offers a wide variety of unique characteristics and key functionality. This allows clients to select a platform and individualised setup that is best aligned to their organisational culture and training requirements.



iLearn has partnered with a number of digital learning content providers across the globe, with exclusive local  distribution in South Africa, to gain access to internationally-recognised content, including Business Skills, IT Technical skills, IT Desktop Applications and Language online course products. These are designed to be delivered byy desktop, mobile or tablet mediums to promote engagement and access that best suits your business and learners requirements.


iLearn has strategic partnerships with best-of-breed elearning course development companies to offer customised course development to solve individual learning needs within organisations. Examples are, the launch of a new product or the introduction of a new piece of legislation that requires upskilling on a mass basis. Our consultants will help guide you to design a holistic solution that meets your core business requirements.