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With technology evolving at a rapid pace, we find ourselves entering a new age of learning. Globalisation expands our reach, automation alters processes and new skills emerge. Today’s Digital Learning does not simply mean producing content that is easily accessible on one’s phone, it means ‘bringing learning to where employees are’.




LearningCloud is the new learning ecosystem for today’s workforce. Breaking free from the constraints of the traditional LMS, LearningCloud adopts an applications-based approach to provide your learners with a more personalised and engaging environment in which to learn. LearningCloud is a fully integrated learning platform that can grow and adapt with your changing business needs. It is able to provide solutions that incorporate Gamification and Social Learning, as well as Mobile Learning for the modern-day learner.
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iConnex offers a robust training administration system, modelled on global best practice yet designed with the South African market in mind. Utilising the latest in technology, iConnex enables you to easily and effectively plan, monitor and report on each learning experience from beginning to end.


Research shows that learning delivered through bite-size learning components, enables learners to easily and effectively gain and retain knowledge. iLearn has partnered with a number of leading, international content providers to offer you a comprehensive library of off-the-shelf digital learning content to cater for every aspect of your business. Our course content creates a learning experience that is personalised and measurable. It allows for collaboration and is linked to a global community.


The one-size-fits-all training approach is a thing of the past. In this day and age, specific company or learner requirements often drive the need for customised learning programmes. To assist companies to design, develop and deliver their own digital learning content, iLearn has partnered with a number of custom content development specialists. Through these partnerships, iLearn is able to offer the creation of digital learning content across all levels from basic through to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).