How Learnerships Help Organisations Grow

//How Learnerships Help Organisations Grow

How Learnerships Help Organisations Grow


Learnerships are increasingly the way forward for organisations looking to reap the rewards that a strong culture of learning can bring. Blended Learnerships are particularly suited to the business environment, in which management is often hesitant to engage in anything that may mean staff miss out on working days. Thankfully, third-party service providers such as iLearn have stepped in as corporate training specialists, delivering qualifications specifically designed to reduce time out of the office.

Blended Learning is an approach that innovately takes advantage of both digital learning and the tried-and-tested benefits of instructor-led learning. Digital learning offers exceptional convenience, pace, choice and flexibility, while instructor-led learning brings structure to the learning experience. When delivered through a 12 month Learnership programme, staff are awarded with an NQF-accredited qualification that stands testament to their new skills. Staff gain skills and companies gain loyal staff groomed to suit their positions perfectly.

In South Africa, businesses stand to gain a great deal from instituting Learnership programmes. SMEs are well-placed to help solve one of the major challenges to our society: the fact that school-leavers are not work-ready and that access to tertiary education is near-impossible to attain for the majority of citizens. While this complex social reality requires more than just an active culture of CSR to be solved sustainably, just this one act goes a long way to enacting a constructive response that sets a good example. There are, of course, many benefits to both employers and employees who choose to operate in this way.

Benefits to businesses offering Learnerships:

  • Tax rebates
  • Being eligible for grants if offering Learnerships that train scarce skills
  • Improvement in your B-BBEE rating if offering Learnerships to learners from previously disadvantaged groups
  • Saving on hiring costs and ensuring an evergreen talent pipeline.  

Meanwhile, employees benefit from:

  • Skills-acquisition without losing income while training
  • Increased job security, by growing into skills-gaps through strategic training

However, the work it takes to plan, deliver and administrate a Learnership programme can push your HR beyond capacity. Luckily, iLearn has gained more than 17 years of experience delivering Learnerships that spare your HR from burnout and ensure ROI. They’re committed to bringing you the benefit of both worlds — working with your HR department to seamlessly integrate the programmes best suited to your particular context.   

Partner with a trusted provider and ensure you secure the gains Learnerships provide, reliably and efficiently. Schedule a free consultation with iLearn and begin the shift today.

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