Time and Information Management

Time and Information Management



Most people in the workplace face the challenge of managing their time effectively. This course is designed to help you increase your productivity by analysing your personal characteristics in managing time, learning to prioritise correctly and deal with time-consuming tasks, improving your memory, reading faster and thinking strategically.

After working through the modules of this course your approach to time management will become more focused, resulting in a better understanding of how to allocate your time.


4 hours 55 minutes

Course Content

The ten modules in this course are:

Considering how you spend your time – key perspectives in managing time

Focusing on your priorities – gain practical tips on clarifying priorities and planning activities according to priorities

The 12 guidelines of effective time management – develop a strategy to optimise your relationship to your environment

Improving your memory – choose an effective memorisation strategy

Speed reading – practise various techniques such as skimming, spotting and deeper reading

Dealing with time-consuming tasks – distinguish between useful and not useful time-consuming tasks and learn methods for dealing with them effectively

Strategic time management – learn to manage your time in a way that serves your goals

Focusing on your key priorities – discover how to analyse your objectives, clarify your role, deal with pressure and use appropriate organisational tools to make the right choices of activities

Improving performance through time perception – recognise different cultural and personal perceptions of time and use these to your benefit and for effective co-operation

Increasing your productivity in a fast-paced world – develop the three talents of distance, calmness and relevance

Course Objectives

  • To organise and optimise your time
  • To manage time better by focusing on priorities
  • To manage time and availability at work
  • To identify and evaluate how your memory works, learn effective memorisation strategies and improve memory performance
  • To identify and use the keys and rules of active reading
  • To identify the obstacles to excellent time management
  • To optimise the relationship between efficiency and effort and prioritise events according to their level of importance
  • To identify the obstacles to excellent time management
  • To increase your flexibility by adapting yourself to different perceptions of time and manage your time in a global context
  • To learn the three talents you need to be effective in a fast-paced, changing, complex world


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