Online Business Courses

Clear communication is one of the most valuable tools for enhancing relationships and endeavours in both a professional and personal capacity. That’s why iLearn’s effective communication skills training course is divided into two modules, namely Modern Business Communication and Written Communication.

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Both comprehensive modules focus on equipping the learner with vital techniques for improving everyday communication in and outside the office. iLearn’s Written Communication training course assists in developing and refining written communication skills so that you can convey your ideas more concisely and successfully; while our Modern Business Communication course offers in-depth presentation skills training and will help you to propel your oral communication abilities.

Work through our advanced communication courses online, at your own pace, so you can get the most out of your learning experience. All courses are accredited at the highest level of recognition and can be accessed from anywhere in the world for up to one year. Plus, learners are free to redo each course as many times as he or she sees fit.