Modern Business Communication

Modern Business Communication



Oral communication involves a number of processes which we need to master in order to ensure we deliver our messages effectively. This course covers these processes with the aim of increasing your confidence in your ability to understand and read the signs from your audience, improve your communication style, work with telecommunications tools and adapt your message to suit different situations.


3 hours 10 minutes

Course Content

The six modules in this course are:

Preparing and structuring an oral presentation – learn to reduce fear and speak successfully in public

Identify your communication style – understand the strengths of different communication styles and build on your own

Successfully adapt your message – learn how to prepare more effectively and to adapt your message for different audiences and situations

Non-verbal communication and Synergology – learn the basic concepts of non-verbal communication so that you can detect signs of interest or disinterest in an audience and identify unspoken messages from individuals

Evade trick questions at meetings – discover how to handle difficult situations in front of an audience and how to rephrase  questions

Master ‘cyber communications’ – master the rules and adopt good practices for communicating with new IT and telecommunications tools.

Course Objectives

  • To speak in public successfully and to prepare for an oral presentation
  • To identify your communication style to improve how you communicate with others
  • To adapt your message to your audience
  • To decipher the non-verbal communication clues of an audience or another person
  • To learn to rephrase in order to develop active listening
  • To communicate with new IT and telecommunications tools


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