Online Business Skills Courses

Achieve your Human Resources certification with iLearn’s exemplary Human Resource courses. We offer a range of modules to broaden your Business Management skillset, such as Training for Trainers.

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Learn how to design, facilitate and evaluate training programmes; understand learning processes, present slideshows and cope with any difficulties that may arise during corporate training; this module will equip you with the key knowledge required to train adults in the workplace with great success.

In addition, because most managers are expected to evaluate the performance of their staff members, iLearn offers an in-depth course in Review Interviews – a module that assists managers who are involved in setting objectives as well as delivering constructive performance reviews. Recruiting Success is another online training course offered by iLearn which is advantageous for any recruitment officer who is in charge of vetting potential employees.

The last Human Resources module offered by iLearn is Managing Diversity in the Workplace – perfect for all individuals, particularly new and experienced managers, who want to promote staff loyalty and evaluate their own performance.

All courses are accessible from anywhere in the world, and valid for up to one year.