Successful Performance Review Interviews

Successful Performance Review Interviews



Most managers are required to evaluate the performance of their staff members on a regular basis. This could take the form of an informal discussion or, especially in medium to large organisations, it can be a more formal performance review. This course will help managers who are involved in objective-setting and performance review interviews to ensure that the process takes place constructively and that the aims of the interview are achieved.


2.5 hours

Course Content

The five modules in this course are:

Preparing the annual performance review – understand how to prepare the review, encourage constructive dialogue and maintain the progress of the interview

Evaluating and strategically aligning objectives – learn to set staff members objectives that are aligned with corporate strategy, use tools to evaluate whether the objectives have been met and deal with disagreement

Developing and maintaining skills – evaluate skills and learn to create individual and collective development plans using the skills identified

The role of ethics and integrity in assessment – learn to detect the managerial risks associated with appraisal, analyse and prevent stress and practise ethical management in the appraisal meeting

Dealing with annual reviews’ difficult situations – identify and manage difficult situations in interviews

Course Objectives

  • To understand and implement the conditions for successful performance review interviews: preparing, respecting the structure of the interview, creating the right conditions to encourage listening and communication
  • To know how to formulate individual objectives for your staff members that are aligned with corporate strategy and to use tools to evaluate whether these objectives have been met
  • To use tools to identify and evaluate skills, and to make optimal use of these tools by creating individual and collective development plans
  • To identify and manage the main managerial risks associated with the appraisal meeting: stress, harassment and discrimination
  • To be at ease in communication situation and to handle specific, difficult situations


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