Supporting Change



The world of human endeavour is currently in one of its most dynamic phases. We are experiencing global growth and development at an almost unprecedented rate.  The dynamic nature of the working world means that it is essential for businesses and their leaders to be able to adapt to a constantly changing environment and manage change successfully.

This course will enable you to identify and best utilise your change leadership style, develop tools for organising change, communicate your vision effectively, build supportive networks to aid the change process, put short and long term steps into action and avoid pitfalls.


3 hours

Course Content

The five modules of the course are:

Managing change: identifying your profile – this module shows you how to adapt your attitude and behaviour so as to build credibility

Managing change: process and tools – here you will learn to define your objectives, identify appropriate solutions and anticipate the effects of change

Creating a vision of the future – you will learn ways to share your vision with your team and clarify each person’s role in the process

Managing change: strategic alliances – this module shows you how to create networks, identify key players and resolve fears and conflict

Triggering the dynamics for change – this module develops your short and long term, local and global perspectives, points out pitfalls to avoid and steps for success.

After working through the five modules you should be well equipped to lead by adapting your own behaviour, understanding and motivating your team, anticipating and dealing with problems and inspiring confidence in your clients so that your change process is an unqualified success.


Course Objectives

  • To identify your leadership style and increase your ability to be more adaptable
  • To develop tools and an approach for organising change objectives
  • To anticipate and communicate the future positively to your people
  • To build your network of allies in the change environment
  • To make all steps for change successfully.


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