Online Business Skills Courses

iLearn’s online Management courses will equip learners with the skills and knowledge required to become successful managers in the corporate world. We offer three advantageous Management training courses to broaden our learners’ management abilities and professional performances.

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Cross-functional managers will benefit from studying Cross-Functional Management. This module focuses on preparing individuals to handle responsibilities and solve challenges which may arise when operating within this role. Learn how to clarify objectives, manage co-ordination mechanisms and adapt communication techniques with iLearn’s convenient online classes.

Fundamentals of Management is yet another valuable online course offered by iLearn. Ideal for managers of all levels, this module will teach learners about various management styles and how to adopt influential tools for motivating teams as well as dealing with conflicts constructively. In addition, our Advanced Management Skills module aims to assist managers in effective decision making, while providing methods for successful communication between team members and co-workers. This e-learning course will also help learners to improve negotiation skills, and offers insights into managing more than one role within a field of expertise.