Advanced Management Skills

Advanced Management Skills


This course will increase your ability to guide and communicate with teams and individuals, make effective decisions, become more flexible, improve your negotiation skills and balance more than one role in your field of expertise.


As you take on higher management positions, your roles and responsibilities may shift. Your ability to motivate, negotiate and communicate with others on all levels will come to the fore. This course aims to develop advanced managerial skills especially for those in top management positions.


4.5 hours

Course Content

The nine modules in this course are:

Behavioural flexibility of the manager – learn to adopt an appropriate response, identify and manage ineffective behaviour, and overcome inflexibility

Guiding team and individual actions  – learn to define and share a project for a team, adopt a positive outlook and manage conflicting priorities

Becoming a manager / coach – understand the attitude and best practices of a manager / coach

Effective decision-making – analyse a situation and master decision-making techniques

Building win-win relationships with your team – lead negotiations to achieve a win-win agreement

The manager / communicator – how to prepare and deliver a presentation to achieve maximum impact

Handling emotions within your team – how to practise emotional intelligence by listening with empathy, responding adequately to co-worker emotions, and managing collective emotions

Balancing the dual roles of people manager and technical expert – learn to manage your time so that you spend the appropriate times in your role of expert and that of manager

Day to day negotiation for managers – adapt your strategy according to the different types of negotiation



Course Objectives

  • To enhance your flexibility as a manager
  • To motivate your team through a shared project
  • To adopt the attitude and best practices of a manager / coach
  • To analyse management problems and make the appropriate decisions
  • To improve your negotiation and communication skills
  • To develop the impact of your presentations
  • To become an emotionally intelligent manager
  • To manage effectively by making the most of time with your team
  • To conduct successful daily negotiations in order to master and manage your relationships with others


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