Introduction to Online Marketing & Communication

////Introduction to Online Marketing & Communication

Introduction to Online Marketing & Communication



It is widely accepted that the internet can be one of the greatest tools in helping companies reach potential and existing customers. However, not all organisations achieve the results that they wish for. This is often because they are not using their website as effectively as they could. This course is designed to help all marketing specialists and professionals in charge of managing a website to increase their website traffic and website loyalty, thereby achieving important marketing objectives.


1 hour

Course Content

The two modules in this course are:

Five steps to generating website traffic – learn to optimise your site and key words, invest wisely in paid positioning, run an effective email campaign, communicate through ONLINEadvertising, and use web statistics to improve customer satisfaction

Four steps to increasing website loyalty – find out how to use games to develop loyalty, select an appropriate loyalty programme, set up and manage a community, use Web 2.0.

Course Objectives

  • To generate traffic on your website quickly and in the correct manner
  • To develop loyalty among your target market to increase traffic on your website


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