Successful Guide to Operational Marketing

////Successful Guide to Operational Marketing

Successful Guide to Operational Marketing



This course is designed primarily for marketing and communication specialists, sales and customer relations managers, and directors in contact with marketing. You will focus on your understanding and application of marketing principles in order to improve your company’s relationship to its customers, its ability to align strategic and operational objectives with market activity, and customer reception of new products.

After working through the modules in this course you will be able to better manage your marketing process in order to reach your target market, secure customer loyalty and achieve the results you want for your company.


4 hours

Course Content

The eight modules in this course are:

Strategic marketing plans – learn how to structure an operational marketing plan effectively, specifying objectives for each customer segment, and measure how the plan is progressing using key indicators and ratios

Sales support – develop and apply effective, targeted writing techniques to be able to convert the features of an offer into customer benefits, and identify the best customer arguments when dealing with competition

Promotions – learn how to create a high-performance promotional plan and incorporate it into your operational marketing plans effectively

Relationship marketing in practice – discover how to build and measure a customer relations programme to develop customer loyalty

Relationship marketing strategy – focus on how to implement a relationship strategy that allow you to identify and secure the loyalty of strategic customers

Using customer equity to create value – learn how to calculate a customer’s potential value and evaluate customer potential to define your marketing strategy

Aligning objectives with market forecasts – learn to convert corporate strategy into realistic marketing objectives

Launching a new product successfully – acquire a new product launch process by identifying key actions, drawing up powerful arguments and sales promotion tools that are adapted to the target market, and getting all internal and external resources involved

Course Objectives

  • To develop a successful, customer-focused operational marketing plan
  • To create and develop high-impact sales support tools
  • To use promotion to increase sales and consumption
  • To create and follow a customer relations programme with a multi-channel marketing plan
  • To design a relationship marketing strategy that allows you to identify and secure the loyalty of strategic customers
  • To identify high-potential customers
  • To align market forecasts with corporate objectives
  • To orchestrate a successful marketing/sales launch


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