Introduction To Project Management

Introduction To Project Management



Being a project manager requires the ability to maintain a progressive view of the whole project and its timeline, as well as working knowledge of divisions within the project. This course is designed to help project managers improve their confidence and ability to lead a team to the successful completion of a project.


3 hours

Course Content

The six modules in this course are:

Project management essentials – understand the performance-cost-time frame triangle, learn how to organise methodology, identify key roles in the team, evaluate the steering of the project and assume your role as project manager

The project framework – learn to draw up the project framework

Project planning – choosing the appropriate schedule and managing it

Drawing up a project budget – how to estimate your budget accurately and manage it effectively

Anticipating project risks – how to identify, assess and respond to risks

Identifying customer expectation for project success – use a structured approach and specific tools to collect, analyse and prioritise needs

Course Objectives

  • To understand why and how to deploy a project team in your company
  • To define the project framework
  • To plan and share a project with your team
  • To estimate and manage the initial project budget
  • To identify, evaluate, process and supervise project risks
  • To formulate the project need through a structured approach using specific tools


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