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iLearn offers two exemplary Purchasing courses to broaden your business skills. Handling purchases, supply chains and logistics is fundamental within any corporation. That’s why iLearn helps learners acquire the necessary tools to cut costs and increase probability with the utmost professionalism.

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The Best Purchasing Practices module is highly recommended for both new and experienced buyers, sourcing managers and any professional who is in charge of purchasing for a business. Learn how to carry out your duties more effectively with this practical online training course; it covers the wide array of facets incorporated in purchasing processes to help you feel more confident about your role as a professional purchaser.

iLearn’s Effective Purchasing Behaviour course equips leaners with a thorough understanding of how to manage emotions and any conflicts that may arise in purchasing situations. Upon completion of this module, you will have gained valuable tools for understanding salespeople and environments. You will also learn how to garner more positive results for you and your business as a whole.

All online courses are accessible from anywhere in the world for up to one year.