Commercial Sales Management

Commercial Sales Management



A successful sales team is one that can navigate the commercial environment with common goals and attitudes in order to achieve its objectives. This course is designed to provide sales managers with insights into their role in leading their team through uncertainty and change in their environment, holding successful sales meetings, wage policy practices, and building loyalty within the team. After working through the modules of this course, you should feel well equipped to play a key role in creating a strong and motivated sales team that achieves positive results for your company.


5 hours

Course Content

The ten modules in this course are:

The roles and attitudes of successful sales managers – discover characteristics of successful sales managers, how to adapt management to change, turn obstacles into opportunities, and implement a culture of optimism

Managing your sales team through uncertainty and change – understand your sales team’s emotions, maintain performance targets and motivation

Managing sales activity through uncertainty and change – learn how to identify and act on opportunities, how to use responsiveness to competitive advantage and construct a strategy with the ZIP method

Successful commercial meetings – explore the principles of an effective sales meeting and how to prepare key points and communicate them to your team

Motivating your sales team for action – understand how motivation works and how to mobilise people around a new objective, maintain individual commitment and refocus to correct slippage

Overview of best practices in wage policy – create a recognition strategy, identify skills required for a new reward system, learn about planning for new recognition and wage structures and how to measure the impact of a new reward system

Using freedom to build loyalty in sales people – learn how to manage the autonomy and independence of your sales staff effectively, and cultivate initiative in your sales executives

Manage sales people’s sensibility to build loyalty – focus on developing a personalised relationship with your sales executives

Using ambition to build loyalty in sales people – identify and analyse your team members’ personal ambitions, create motivating challenges that enable executives to succeed and recognise success

Managing the unexpected when building loyalty – learn to identify and deal with early signs of unease among sales associates, know how to react to a sudden resignation and understand your role in securing adherence to the company.

Course Objectives

  • To integrate the unstable commercial environment as a key factor in management
  • To anticipate team reactions to uncertainty and refocus on objectives
  • To steer your business and spot opportunities through uncertainty, to apply flexibility and anticipate situations
  • To use meetings to motivate your team in accomplishing your action plan
  • To use individual motivation to ensure performance
  • To identify the levers for motivating and rewarding sales performance
  • To identify one of the three motivational and performance levers of the best sales executives: freedom
  • To identify one of the three motivational and performance levers of the best sales associates: affective needs
  • To identify one of the three motivational and performance levers of the best sales associates: ambition
  • To manage uncertainty and the negative impact it can have on sales performance


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