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Customer Relationship Management



Successful customer relations should be an essential objective in any company. There are a number of actions involved in setting up a positive relationship with customers, such as building trust, loyalty and enthusiasm, understanding the role of the manager, reaching agreement, actively listening to customers, handling claims and developing internal cooperation. This course is designed to help all professionals in direct contact with customers as well as managers of teams involved in customer contact or services to function more effectively in these areas.

After working through the modules of this course you will feel better equipped to lead your team in developing an attitude that fosters highly positive relations with both short and long term customers.


5 hours 5 minutes

Course Content

The ten modules in this course are:

Customer relationship: the stakes – understand the factors that generate customer loyalty, the criteria for assessing customer satisfaction and learn to manage the emotional aspect successfully

Customer relationship: building trust – enhance your interpersonal relationship skills, learn to preserve relationships in difficult situations, and develop trust through your personal and professional approach

Customer relationship: practising active listening – learn how to make your first contact a success by asking the right questions and using techniques for improved listening

Customer relationship: reaching agreement – develop a structures sales pitch, express yourself positively, use customer needs to support your argument and focus on benefits for the customer

Developing loyalty through customer relationships – learn how to make a new sale through appropriate advice, focus on customer satisfaction to develop loyalty, and preserve the relationship in difficult situations

Key factors in long-term customer relationships – identify the benefits and keys to developing customer loyalty in the long term, and learn the two essential objectives: reducing discontent and increasing perception of quality

Role of the manager in long-term customer relations – measure your level of involvement in developing customer loyalty and identify actions you can take

Building customer enthusiasm – create an action plan using five ways to build enthusiasm and mobilising all parties involved

Handling claims in long-term customer relationships – learn to measure the risks of a complaint, the benefits of handling complaints effectively, how to anticipate complaints and how to transform a complaint into an opportunity to develop loyalty

Developing internal cooperation for customers – identify the obstacles to excellent customer service, develop a spirit of customer-focused cooperation within your company’s teams.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the context of contact with customers
  • To build a trusting relationship with customers
  • To fulfil customer needs to be listened to
  • To reach an agreement with customers
  • To turn each contact into a loyal relationship
  • To identify the keys that enable you to develop customer loyalty
  • To identify your contribution as a manager to developing customer loyalty
  • To create a progress plan based on ‘customer enthusiasm’
  • To manage internal and external complaints in a way that preserves long-term customer relationships
  • To develop internal cooperation to improve customer loyalty


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