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Key Account Management



The role of a key account manager involves keeping a sharp eye on both strategy and operations. In this way key account managers maintain the balance between two important processes for a successful organisation. This course is designed for key account managers and directors as well as sales managers in order to improve their performance in analysis of customers, managing action plans and innovation. Through this course, you will equip yourself better to optimise your relationships with your customers as well as develop co-operation within your team.


2.5 hours

Course Content

The five modules in this course are:

The importance of the key account manager – define your mission, scope of action and four strategic roles as key account manager, explore the different phases of organisation and how to structure your actions

Analysing strategic customers successfully – learn how to collect important information about customers, create your own SWOT matrices and carry out in-depth competitor analysis

Identifying the stakes of the Account Business Plan – discover how to evaluate the effectiveness of your relationship with your customer and optimise it using the Account Business Plan

Managing action plans in teams – understand your role as manager of the actions plan, organise its implementation, mobilise the team and maintain co-operation within the team

Removing the five major obstacles to effectiveness – assess your positioning between actions and analysis, learn to think outside the box, anticipate situations and strengthen your sales power through your ability to innovate.





Course Objectives

  • To clarify the role of the key account manager
  • To acquire and maintain in-depth knowledge of the customer
  • To optimise your relationship with your customer using the Account Business Plan
  • To manage a team project to implement an action plan
  • To position yourself in relation to problems frequently encountered by the key account manager


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