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The aim of most organisations is to ensure that as many members of their target market as possible accept what they are offering. In other words, companies aim to make sales. There are many ways in which you can increase your number of sales by focusing on how you make your offer. All salespeople, sales associates and people who have to present an argument to customers will find this course rich in insights about the act of selling. You will be shown how to deal positively with your customers so that you achieve your sales objectives. After working through all the modules of the course, you will be confident that you are able to present your offer more effectively to customers, thereby increasing the number of sales you make.


5.5 hours

Course Content

The eleven modules in this course are:

Take the buyer’s view – understand the real needs of the buyer and learn how to integrate emotional factors and adapt your behaviour at each step of the sales cycle

Preparing for shared success – define winning objectives for both parties and explore different communication styles

Discover the hidden world of your buyer – find out the motivations of buyers by asking the right questions, listening actively and focusing on essentials

Presenting your offer with passion – learn to communicate using the buyer’s language, integrate the buyer’s needs into your proposal and present your argument convincingly

Steering the way to mutual agreement – discover how to reach mutual agreement through co-operation and responding to questions and objections

Building sustainable shared success – explore best practices in relationship follow-up to fulfil the buyer’s need to feel important even after securing the contract

The art of persuading through listening – adopt a listening-based approach and the associated techniques during negotiation

Convincing customers with a winning offer – learn to structure your offer and use comparative arguments in an ethical way to cement your credibility and convince your customer

Using formal power to encourage debate – learn techniques to combine your powers of persuasion with respect for ethics to develop a long-term relationship with your customer

Using emotions to build trust – learn to manage negative emotions and express positive emotions to create trust and encourage enthusiasm

Using your charisma in difficult situations – explore your personal impact and techniques to assert your charisma as well as avoid ineffective behaviour and increase your self-confidence.

Course Objectives

  • To think differently by taking the buyer’s view
  • To consider both buyer and seller in the planning and preparation stages
  • To understand the rational and personal motivations of buyers and their needs
  • To present an offer adapted to buyers using the FAB method
  • To overcome objections and reach a mutually successful agreement
  • To obtain a sales agreement and develop a long-term relationship
  • To use the power of listening to persuade others
  • To convince customers (with integrity) with well-structured arguments and a tangible, irrefutable argument technique
  • To reinforce your power of influence using verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • To use your emotions to build a strong relationship with the customer throughout the sales process
  • To develop your self-confidence to help you deal with difficult sales situations and to reinforce your charisma and power of persuasion


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