Interviewing Skills for Management

////Interviewing Skills for Management

Interviewing Skills for Management

During this course you will examine guidelines and strategies for making effective hiring decisions.


This course is intended for managers and supervisors who need practical interviewing skills. Every manager knows that to be successful, a company needs to build teams of employees who are the top in their field, work well together, and are happy in the company. However, it is often difficult for managers to find and hire the best people. In this course, you will practice techniques that will empower you to do just that—to hire the best candidate every time through strategies that will improve your success in interviewing. This can reduce or even eliminate significant turnover and allow your company to focus instead on achieving production goals.


0.5 days


It is extremely important that you check with your Human Resources department to become aware of both your company’s hiring policies and procedures as well as the legalities involved in the interviewing process.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Preparing to Interview

Topic 1A: Define the Position Requirements

Topic 1B: Select a Strategy

Topic 1C: Choose Candidates for Interviews

Lesson 2: Interviewing a Candidate and Completing the Interview Process

Topic 2A: Begin the Interview

Topic 2B: Interview the Candidate

Topic 2C: Select the Candidate

Topic 2D: Reconsider the Search

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Prepare to interview.
  • Conduct an interview and complete the interview process.


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