CBP – Business Etiquette

CBP – Business Etiquette

The course is recommended for candidates who wish to learn and/or improve their etiquette in the workplace.


You will learn the etiquette requirements for meeting, entertaining, telephone and business interaction scenarios. Additionally, the CBP™ Business Etiquette and Professionalism certification module addresses etiquette challenges when doing business in a multi-cultural environment.


6 hours. Training can be arranged according to your date and time requirements and delivered ONSITE at your premises.


This course is designed for the student who has little or no experience.

Course Content

What is Business Etiquette?

  • What is the role of good manners in business?
  • What are the abcs of etiquette
  • Meeting and greeting scenarios
  • Guidelines for receptionists
  • Making introductions and greeting people
  • Introducing a client
  • Introducing yourself
  • The protocol of shaking hands
  • Meeting & board room protocol
  • Guidelines for planning a meeting
  • Guidelines for attending a meeting
  • For the chairperson

Principles of Exceptional Work Behaviour

  • The principles of exceptional work behaviour
  • Entertaining etiquette
  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Planning a meal meeting
  • Business meal basics
  • Basics of table etiquette
  • Eating the meal
  • Issuing invitations

Telephone Etiquette

  • Introduction
  • What is telephone etiquette?
  • Answering the telephone courteously
  • Handling rude or impatient callers
  • Good telephone habits for everyone
  • Screening calls
  • Making calls
  • How to end conversations gracefully
  • Checking messages and returning calls

Multi-Cultural Challenges

  • Multi cultural etiquette
  • Did you know?
  • Cultural differences and its effect on business
  • Examples of cultural insensitivities

New Issues in Etiquette

  • Netiquette
  • Ethical issues in business etiquette
  • Case study
  • Sexual etiquette in the workplace
  • Why deal with sexual harassment?
  • Five steps to prevent sexual harassment
  • Dressing for success
  • The basic business wardrobe
  • Options for business casual


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