FETC: Generic Management (NQF4)

///FETC: Generic Management (NQF4)

FETC: Generic Management (NQF4)

This qualification is intended for junior managers of small organisations, junior managers of business units in medium and large organisations, or those aspiring to these positions. Junior managers include team leaders, supervisors, foremen and section heads. The qualification introduces key terms, rules, concepts, principles and practices of management that will enable learners to be informed managers in any occupation.

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The scope of management covers four domains: leadership, self-management, people management and management practices. This qualification addresses each of these domains with generic competencies, thereby enabling learning programmes to be contextualised for specific sectors and industries. It provides opportunities for people to transfer between various specialisations within management. This will therefore enable management competencies to be strengthened, and enable managers to better manage systems, processes, resources, self, teams and individuals in various occupations.


This qualification is run as a Learnership over 12 months. Candidates will need to attend 3 days of training (on average) each month in addition to completing their assignments.


Learning assumed to be in place:

  • Communication at NQFL3
  • Mathematical Literacy NQFL3
  • Computer Literacy at NQFL3


Course Content

Course Modules

Learning Programme 1: The Role of the Manager (19 credits)

Learning Programme 2: Occupational Learning and Second Language Communication (20 credits)

Learning Programme 3: Business Communication (20 credits)

Learning Programme 4: Problem-solving (18 credits)

Learning Programme 5: Leading and Motivating a Team (22 credits)

Learning Programme 6: The Code of Conduct and Customer Service Standards (15 credits)

Learning Programme 7: Time Management (15 credits)

Learning Programme 8: Performance Management (13 credits)

Learning Programme 9: Budgeting (12 credits)

Course Objectives

The focus of this qualification has been designed to enable learners to be competent in a range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values including:

  • Gathering and analysing information.
  • Analysing events that impact on a business and its competitive environment.
  • Complying with organisational standards.
  • Motivating an individual or team.
  • Negotiating in a work situation.
  • Understanding the role of business strategy as it applies to junior management.
  • Managing the budget within a specific area of responsibility.
  • Applying management principles and practices within a specific area of responsibility.
  • Managing work unit performance to achieve goals.
  • Behaving ethically and promoting ethical behaviour in a work situation.
  • Demonstrating understanding of the consequences in a work unit of HIV/AIDS.


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