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Do you need to improve your BBBEE scorecard, but are unable to host unemployed learners at your company? iLearn has a fully outsourced and managed Learnership solution, whereby a host employer provides learners with training, mentorship and work experience all on your behalf?

How it works:
Your company will be the learners’ primary employer responsible for the full employment relationship, including payment of the monthly stipend, training, recruitment and hosting fee. The host company is required to provide a workplace facility that enables learners to implement and apply the qualification learning outcomes together with experienced mentors to guide and support the learners throughout the Learnership programme over 12 months.

Benefits to you:

  • Achieve up to 20 points on the spend towards the Skills Development element on your BBBEE scorecard.
  • Earn 5 bonus points in the event that the learners are absorbed into full time employment on completion of the Learnership programme.

Benefits to the host:

  • Access to additional labour at no cost
  • Ability to build a talent pipeline at no cost risk

Support provided by iLearn:

  • Supply of credible candidates through our recruitment partners, who will source and present shortlisted candidates, i.e. abled or disabled.
  • Product and onboarding training for new recruits at the host company.
  • Emotional and wellness support to disabled learners who receive two-hour monthly sessions for the first three months of the Learnership.
  • An implementation team of Project and Learner Coordinators who will ensure a managed and seamless delivery of the programme.
  • Regular reports and updates to keep track of learner progress and the impact of the programme.
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