Unlock Leadership Potential In Your Existing Workforce Through Learnerships

//Unlock Leadership Potential In Your Existing Workforce Through Learnerships

Unlock Leadership Potential In Your Existing Workforce Through Learnerships

Unlock Leadership Potential In Your Existing Workforce Through Learnerships

Every person has the potential for leadership in some or other capacity. So why is it that businesses and organisations struggle to fill higher positions with reliable, competent, and inspirational people from within?

This managerial headache can be attributed to a few factors. Mainly, employees quickly become comfortable in a new position after the stresses of the job application process are over. Secondly, too many employees fall into the trap of complacency and lose the drive to learn and develop personal mastery through Learnerships. Thirdly, becoming a leader is not a skill that’s easily mastered, and many who possess the qualities may be deterred by the complexities and responsibilities.

For your business, however, the benefits of retaining staff, nurturing development through Learnerships, and guiding them into positions of leadership cannot be overstated. By giving younger employees the training they need, you’re not only providing support for your current management but ensuring there’s a solid foundation in place for the future.

Here are some key steps you can take to start upskilling your next generation of leaders:

Motivate existing leadership to get involved

It’s imperative you get the buy-in from current management, as it’s they who’ll impart invaluable guidance and training to your future leaders. It’s an unfortunate truth, but many employees will see leadership training as the company paying lip service to those who are calling for it, or as some forced exercise from management.

Having top-level management on board from the start shows a commitment to leadership development in the long-term, and may be the push some of your ‘hidden leaders’ need to get out of their comfort zones.

Identify the ‘hidden leaders’ in your workforce

Now that your current leaders are on board with the process, they can help you identify those who are showing potential within their departments. According to Forbes, there are a few traits that these talented individuals exhibit:

  • Strategic perspective, direction, and clarity.
  • Inspires and motivates to high performance.
  • Champions collaboration and teamwork.
  • Has high ethical standards, upholds values, and acts as a role model.
  • Willingness to innovate and take risks, while developing the talent in others.

Once these individuals have been earmarked for big things, your existing managerial staff can begin mentoring them. This support structure — having an expert to turn to for advice and guidance at any given time — provides an invaluable feedback loop that will both hasten and bolster their leadership development.

Place real importance in performance review results

The wheels of your leadership development programme are now officially in motion, and while it may be tempting to take a step back and let things take care of themselves, it’s absolutely critical you don’t.

In this phase, pay close attention to an employee’s ability to deliver results, while keeping track of their strengths and weaknesses with measurables such as performance reviews. When your young leaders see that high-level management is taking an active interest in their development, it will push them to be as effective and productive as possible.

A clearly defined career trajectory, with constant direction and support, is a great motivator!

Unlock the potential of your young leaders with iLearn’s Learnerships

If knowledge is power, then iLearn’s Learnership programmes are your secret weapon to harnessing it. Start laying the groundwork for your next generation of leaders by scheduling a free consultation with one of our specialists.

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