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Corporate learning platform to change workplace learning

A new learning and development platform has landed, and it's set to revolutionise workplace learning in South Africa and move the country's workforce to another level. Since balancing a jam-packed personal and professional schedule has its challenges, employees find it difficult to commit to upskilling and development, especially when it involves hours of staring into [...]

2018-10-08T16:44:08+00:00 8th October 2018|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

Corporate SA urged to introduce learnerships to upskill disabled job seekers

CAPE TOWN – The employment equity and work opportunity targets for people with disabilities should increase to at least 7 percent by 2030 according to the Department of Social Development’s White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Yet, a report by the South African Human Rights Commission titled: Research brief on disability and [...]

2018-10-03T11:20:28+00:00 1st October 2018|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

Agile learning makes the ever-evolving mobile era better for learners

The need to adapt to the ever-evolving mobile age is more important than ever and one way of doing this is through agile learning. According to Richard Rayne, CEO of iLearn, which uses agile learning principles when designing corporate training courses, innovations like video-based learning and massive open online courses (MOOCS) have disrupted the learning [...]

2018-09-21T13:48:11+00:00 21st September 2018|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

Train and mentor future leaders

South African Companies need to focus on investing in human capital to deal with the disruption of job and skill brought about by the fourth industrial revolution. Yet according to a 2017 World Economic Forum (WEF) report, "The Future of Job skills in Africa", sub-Saharan Africa is far removed from making optimal use of its [...]

2018-08-31T10:55:07+00:00 29th August 2018|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

iLearn and Adept launch IT Learnership

In an effort to reduce youth unemployment, iLearn has partnered with Adept, ICT solutions specialists, and will support six young people in a learnership programme. The six unemployed youth, including two who have disabilities, will be put on a 12-month Blended IT Technical Support Learnership, iLearn's new forward-thinking National Qualifications Framework Level 4 programme. According to [...]

2018-08-31T11:52:54+00:00 28th August 2018|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

The Yes Generation

Just a month into his role as president of the Republic of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa took the stage at the Riverside Incubation Hub near the Diepsloot township in Gauteng to launch a programme, which - he hopes - will be a defining feature of his tenure at the top. The youth employment service, or [...]

2018-07-13T15:51:00+00:00 13th July 2018|iLearn in the News|

ENS Africa Top 40 Under 40

Richard Rayne launched iLearn when he was only 21. Today, the company employs 70 people and has offices in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban. Richard is also the Africa regional learning expert of the Entrepreneur Organisation, having previously held the Learning Chair board role of the Cape Town chapter for four years.   Read More

2018-07-13T14:02:32+00:00 13th July 2018|iLearn in the News|

Online Learning an Essential Tool

Your Current and Future earning are your greatest asset, and online learning, which provides easy low-cost access to education wherever you may be, is a surefire way to boost earning power and improve your standard of living. Online learning has been around for almost as long as the internet, but its potential to open up [...]

2018-06-25T10:09:41+00:00 12th June 2018|iLearn in the News, Media Center|

SA Employers Cautioned Against Promoting Employees Without Proper Training

The Future of Jobs and Skills in Africa report indicates that between 15-20 million increasingly well-educated young people are expected to enter the African workforce every year for the next three decades. Therefore, delivering an ecosystem for quality jobs and future skills to match this is imperative. Investing in human capital is necessary to adequately [...]

2018-06-25T10:39:14+00:00 12th June 2018|iLearn in the News, Media Center|