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The new IT Technical Support Learnership is based on a cutting-edge Learnership model that uses Blended Learning: an approach that innovatively takes advantage of both digital learning and the tried-and-tested benefits of instructor-led learning. Digital learning offers exceptional convenience, pace, choice and flexibility, while instructor-led learning, in a face-to-face learning environment guided by expert facilitators, brings structure to the learning experience.

Traditional versus Blended

Instructor-led Learning offering structure to the learning experience and is generally richer in instructor
and classmate interaction.
Style of Learning
Support (56 credits)
Blend of Instructor-led Learning and Digital Learning offering exceptional convenience, pace, choice and flexibility.
Face-to-face instruction; Course material.Learning MediumsFace-to-face instruction;
Course material;
Video-based facilitation;
Virtual practical labs;
Preparation mock exams.
Personal touch which helps learners to stay motivated and on track.Learner BenefitEnables time-stressed learners to self-manage much of their learning and progress at their own pace.
Unlimited access to eLearning and related products.
Promotes a more focused and impactful interaction between facilitator and learners, which for some learners may be vital to their success.Client BenefitFlexibility to schedule when the learner meets the notional hours. Reduced classroom time, which increases learners’ work productivity.


Companies implementing this new qualification can now also take advantage of the benefits afforded to other NQF-accredited qualifications, namely skills grants, tax rebates and an increase in points on their BBBEE scorecards.

Blended Learnership Qualifications