Dealing With Emotions and Conflict

Dealing With Emotions and Conflict



The workplace brings together people of different backgrounds, personalities and formative experiences. People are emotional beings and this fact, coupled with the stresses of trying to perform duties to the best of their abilities and achieve a common goal, may result in conflicts on many levels.

Knowing how to deal with emotions is crucial for keeping life in your company smooth and harmonious. This course provides valuable insights into how to understand and manage emotions in the workplace. This in turn will lead to a happier workforce and a better functioning company.


2.5 hours

Course Content

The five modules in this course are:

Impact of emotions in the workplace – learn to use emotions to improve your relationship with others and resolve conflict

Developing your emotional conscience – identify the six basic emotions, recognise the role of emotions and their usefulness

Understanding emotional dysfunction – improve your understanding of your own and others’ incoherent emotional reactions

Understanding and expressing your anger positively – learn to identify and express your anger appropriately and deal with anger in others

Controlling your emotions – learn practical tools for self-control

Course Objectives

  • To identify and manage your emotions
  • To gain an overview of how emotions work
  • To identify and manage incoherent emotional reactions
  • To manage your anger positively
  • To develop your capacity for self-control


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