Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership Fundamentals



This course is designed to bring out the best performances in the executive board or top leadership of an organisation. In addition to honing your own high-end leadership abilities, you will be equipped to help develop those of other leaders around you.

You will learn to stimulate leadership in your company, gain the support of the management and operational management teams, develop your personal impact and improve your performance in the five criteria for great leaders.


2.5 hours

Course Content

The five modules in this course are:

Leadership best practice – learn how to identify and stimulate leadership in your company

Establishing leadership in the best way – build or improve the effectiveness of your leadership zone and guarantee trust between leaders and employees

Securing managerial support for leadership – discover the best ways to involve your managers in the leadership process and how best to help them succeed

Personal impact and charisma in leaders – develop your personal impact by finding out how to inspire employees, assert your authority and help others to assert theirs

Five levers for producing great leaders – learn the criteria for excellence in a leader and how to succeed in the practice of these criteria

Course Objectives

  • To identify leadership qualities in others in your company or unit
  • To transform your executive board into a high-performance management team
  • To ensure that managers of managers and operational managers adopt leadership attitudes: to encourage them to bring out leadership potential in those around and alongside them
  • To make the most of your personal charm, impact on other people and authority
  • To learn the five excellence criteria for leaders and improve your performance


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