Fundamentals of Management

Fundamentals of Management



Whether you are a manager for the first time or an experienced manager looking to improve your performance, this course is designed to help you to develop effective skills in this influential position in your organisation.

You will learn about various management styles, how to be successful in your first management position, how to motivate your team, deal constructively with problems or conflicts, communicate effectively and understand your own and others’ emotions.


3 hours

Course Content

The six modules of the course are:

Making a success of your first management posting – you will learn how to adapt to being  a manager, make your first decisions and meet with your boss and your co-workers in your new position

The management styles – discover ways to adopt a management style that suits you, your workers and your circumstances

Fostering and maintaining motivation – understand how to motivate workers and delegate effectively

The situational skills of the manager – learn how to analyse the nature of a situation or conflict and handle it effectively

The relational skills of the manager – discover tools for communicating effectively with individuals and groups

The emotional skills of the manager – understand how emotions work and encourage their positive effects in the workplace.

Course Objectives

  • To make a success of your first management posting
  • To adopt an effective management style
  • To focus individual and collective energy for better performance
  • To manage effectively using a systemic approach
  • To communicate effectively with your co-workers
  • To manage your own emotion


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