Commercial Negotiation Skills

Commercial Negotiation Skills



This course is designed to help sales managers, sales directors and business managers enhance their negotiation skills. After working through the modules you will have a better understanding of the difference between sales and negotiation, the techniques of successful negotiation, asserting yourself in commercial negotiation and how to deal with pitfalls. Due to your better understanding of these key elements of negotiation, you will be able to strengthen your position in any negotiating situation.


3 hours 5 minutes

Course Content

The five modules in this course are:

Background to commercial negotiations – learn to distinguish between sales and negotiation

Preparing commercial negotiations – using a case study, learn to prepare the sales negotiation process using the power index matrix, the negotiable points matrix and the bargaining chips matrix

Commercial negotiations: 7 keys to effective meetings – explore how to make a successful start, strengthen your position and steer towards a satisfying conclusion in which you obtain more and concede less

Commercial negotiations: coping with pitfalls – discover how to identify and avoid buyer traps by dealing with buyer specific techniques and responding to intimidation tactics

Commercial negotiations: asserting yourself – use effective listening and communication techniques, including the FRANC method, to adapt your approach to the other person.

Course Objectives

  • To understand commercial negotiation and the skills required
  • To negotiate better using 3 tools
  • Commercial negotiations: 7 keys to effective meetings
  • Commercial negotiations: coping with pitfalls
  • Commercial negotiations: asserting yourself


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