Excel 2010 Online Course


You will first learn to create tables and to navigate through them and how to fill them with data, to format the talk and text messaging feature and to adapt their overall graphic layout. You will be carrying out calculations based on your own formulas and functions and you will familiarise yourself with the creation and formatting of charts.


You will also learn how to filter and sort worksheet records, how to verify data and how to create Pivot Tables. You will then learn how to work with the advanced Microsoft Excel functions for data manipulation and data analysis, by familiarising yourself with financial and database functions, conditional calculation and statistical methods and functions. You will try out a simple task of optimisation which – in accordance with the conditions set – will search for input values that, when combined, will provide the maximum resulting value. You will also familiarise yourself with the creation of macros and with the management of security and permission for access to workbooks.


35 hours

Course Content

MS Excel 2010: Introduction – In this course, you will learn to create tables in the Microsoft Excel program, to enter data in them, to format the data and edit the table format. You will provide calculations through simple functions and formulas and will familiarize yourself with the basics of chart creation and formatting.
MS Excel 2010: Intermediate – In this course, you will learn advanced techniques for data processing in Excel (formatting, locking, using templates, advanced copying etc.). You will be creating complex formulas and using functions belonging to the date & time and text categories, as well as the logical, financial and database functions. You will learn how to filter lists on a sheet and create pivot tables. You will also practice advanced chart editing.
MS Excel 2010: Advanced – In this course, you will learn to work with the advanced Microsoft Excel functions for data manipulation and analysis. You will familiarize yourself with macro creation, with the XML format and its use in MS Excel, with protecting and managing permissions for accessing workbooks.


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