Why Businesses Need To Win The War For Talent

//Why Businesses Need To Win The War For Talent

Why Businesses Need To Win The War For Talent


Today’s Colosseum is the capitalist arena, where only the fit survive. Having the best idea no longer guarantees the success of your business — the big idea must be matched with a smart marketing strategy that includes converting staff into brand ambassadors through the sheer pleasure of the staff experience. The new challenge is to fight strategic battles against competition that win the attention and loyalty of top talent. Key to this is ensuring you identify and onboard the talented (perhaps even before they have flowered into their fullest potential).

Within the Southern African context especially, the cost of attracting and retaining top talent might appear high. Mostly, the success of this hinges on inspiring a culture that stimulates and celebrates self-development (which includes continuous learning), and skill-sharing. But, the returns on developing this type of work environment far outstrip the investment, as a loyal, well-trained and motivated team simplifies matters of succession planning and are automatically driven to maximise their input for the benefit of their own development and that of the business.

To find, nurture, sign and retain top talent can place a heavy strain on HR, especially if the most efficient long-term solution relies on developing a strong organisational learning culture that nurtures skills in-house. Luckily, partnering with an accredited, third-party education provider can be a smart solution to setting up and maintaining an evergreen talent pipeline. Not only does your business benefit by developing a reputation as a caring employer, but you also become eligible for tax rebates!

With over 17 years of experience in empowering learners and businesses, iLearn is one of your best options when aiming to reap the rewards of a vibrant learning culture in record time. You’ll be seeing the measurable impact of grooming your team to perfectly fit your needs and address any critical skills shortages, without any of the stresses of delivering the Learnerships yourself. Their accredited Blended Learning model is especially attractive, as it awards graduates with an NQF-rated qualification at the end of a programme that’s delivered flexibly — through a combination of instructor-led and digital learning.

Winning the war for talent ensures you remain best positioned to continue meeting client expectations to the highest standard with a highly-skilled staff, while leaving your HR personnel free to do what they do best — innovate, manage and strategise. Find out more from iLearn and book a free consultation today.

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