NC: Generic Management (NQF5)

///NC: Generic Management (NQF5)

NC: Generic Management (NQF5)

This programme is specifically designed to develop management competencies required by learners in any occupation, particularly those who manage first line managers. In smaller organisations or entities, the managers could primarily be responsible for managing the supervisors and staff within their section, division or business unit. The qualification builds on the FETC: Generic Management and further develops the key concepts, principles and practices of management that will enable learners to lead, manage, organise and control first line managers and team leaders.

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The scope of generic management covers five domains: leadership, managing the environment, managing relations, managing knowledge and the practice of management. This qualification addresses each of these domains with generic competencies, so that it allows learning programmes to be contextualised for specific sectors and industries. It reflects a similar design to the FETC: Generic Management, in that it provides opportunities for learners to transfer between various specialisations within management. This leads to the strengthening of management competencies and will enable managers at this level to manage successfully systems, processes, resources, managers and teams in their various occupations and contexts.


This qualification is run as a Learnership over 12 months. Candidates will need to attend 3 days of training (on average) each month in addition to completing their assignments.


Learning assumed to be in place:

  • Communication at NQFL4
  • Mathematical Literacy NQFL4
  • Computer Literacy at NQFL4

Course Content

Course Modules

Learning Programme 1: Leadership (18 credits)

(120300, 252037, 15224)

Learning Programme 2: Relationship Management (18 credits)

(252027, 252031, 12433)

Learning Programme 3: Diversity and Conflict Management (22 credits)

(252043, 117853, 114226)

Learning Programme 4: People Management (33 credits)

(252029, 252034, 12140, 252035)

Learning Programme 5: Financial Management (14 credits)

(252036, 252040)

Learning Programme 6: Best Practise Management (15 credits)

(252042, 252044, 252024)

Learning Programme 7: Change Management (20 credits)

(252021, 252026, 252020)

Learning Programme 8: Results Based Management (24 credits)

(252022, 252032, 252025)

Course Objectives

  • Initiating, developing, implementing and evaluating operational strategies, projects and action plans, and where appropriate, recommending change within teams and/or the unit so as to improve the effectiveness of the unit.
  • Monitoring and measuring performance and applying continuous or innovative improvement interventions in the unit in order to attain its desired outcomes, including customer satisfaction, and thereby contributing towards the achievement of the objectives and vision of the entity.
  • Leading a team of first line managers, by capitalising on the talents of team members and promoting synergistic interaction between individuals and teams, to enhance individual, team and unit effectiveness in order to achieve the goals of the entity.
  • Building relationships using communication processes both vertically and horizontally within the unit, with superiors and with stakeholders across the value chain to ensure the achievement of intended outcomes.
  • Applying the principles of risk, financial and knowledge management and business ethics within internal and external regulatory frameworks in order to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the unit.
  • Enhancing the development of teams and team members through facilitating the acquisition of skills, coaching, providing career direction, and capitalising on diversity in the unit.


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